Bouncyland Adventures

There were countless legends about the amazing treasures to be found in Bouncyland.

Way more were the legends about the dangerous creatures inhabiting the magical land.

Only the bravest dared to cross the bridge leading there.
Only a few came back to tell…

Tchupiki was brave and eager to discover the wonders of Bouncyland.

One day he crossed the bridge…

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Are you ready for an old-school platformer? Bouncyland Adventures is that game as it combines a classic platform gameplay with modern controls and graphics. The goal is to help the cute adventurer Tchupiki to collect fruits and diamonds as he explores the magical world of Bouncyland. Jump on top of enemies to destroy them and use your wits to stay alive and discover all the secret areas. Play in adventure mode in your own pace or choose a challenge that requires extreme skills to stay alive.

Game Features:

Bouncy platformer gameplay. Experience a true platformer gameplay as you help Tchupiki bounce his way onto higher grounds. Jump on top of enemies to destroy them, avoid fireballs and other deadly obstacles, and land on still/moving platforms to survive.
Adventure mode. Play in an Adventure mode to set your own bouncing pace. Simply scroll left/right to choose the bounce direction and avoid obstacles, enemies or falling in the abyss. Play through the levels, beat the final boss level and enjoy a bonus level.
Fast challenge play. If you’re into more adrenaline-infused play, choose the challenge mode. Unlike adventure mode, the game area moves up and you must move faster than it does or game’s over. Choose Turbo mode for a speed-up bouncy ride.
Leaderboards. Connect your Google Play Services account to access the local/worldwide leaderboard. You can also share your score through any social network and challenge your friends to see who’s better at a fun platformer gameplay.
Unlockable characters. Use your diamonds to unlock new playable characters: Quinn – Tchupiki’s soulmate that loves adventures, The Gary – his best friend that’s great at challenges and last but not least Tough Guy – the fast and the furious.
Free diamonds every day. Play Bouncyland Adventures and get 10 free diamonds every day! Use your diamonds to unlock characters and more!

About Tchupiki
Bouncyland Adventures has been developed with all of the most famous classic platformer games in mind. This game is a tribute to the classic 8 bit and 16 bit platformer games from the 80s and the 90s.Whether you played the classics or not Tchupiki will be a lot of fun.

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