IndyM Software, established in 2018, is a dynamic game development company located in Bologna, Italy. Over the years, we have specialized in crafting a variety of 2D and 3D games for mobile (iOS and Android) and PC platforms. Our portfolio boasts over 60 projects, where we’ve assisted numerous game developers in realizing their visions.

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Pizza Hero

Indym Software + Astro Hound Studios

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Jointly developed by IndyM Software and Astro Hound Studios, Pizza Hero is a unique shoot ’em up roguelite game where players fight as a valiant pizza. It blends exciting gameplay with the unpredictability of roguelite elements. Each playthrough is fresh and thrilling, with a variety of toppings and spices granting special abilities.

Critically Acclaimed on iOS

Pizza Hero has been warmly received by both players and critics alike, becoming the ‘Game of the Day’ in over 50 countries (

The game garnered positive reviews from prominent sites like Toucharcade, PocketGamer and AppUnwrapper.

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