Buildbox Game Development Service

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IndyM Software offers Buildbox game development services and is specialized in the development and customization of 2D and 3D games. Buildbox 3 allows game developers to design, build, and publish amazing 3D and 2D games and it is the ideal platform to quickly prototype and develop games for iOS, Android and PC. To get the best out of Buildbox 3 you need a specialist, ask IndyM Software.

Rapid Prototyping

I can quickly convert your ideas into working game prototypes built on Buildbox.


Full-featured games, templates, scripts, nodes, control systems, AI. You name it, I got you covered.


So your brand new Buildbox game has got bugs or problems you need to fix? Ask me, I’ll fix them all!

All that's Buildbox!

Anything related to the Buildbox 3 platform is my playing field. Ask me, I’m pretty sure I can be of help!

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Ivan Perfetti

Ivan Perfetti

Founder and Sole Owner

Hello there!
I’ve started IndyM Software in 2018 to create 2D and 3D mobile games on Buildbox 3, one of the most powerful game creation platforms.
Since then I’ve worked on 60+ projects and helped many game developers to achieve their goals by offering Buildbox game development services and providing unique game templates and prototypes, customizations, consultancy, nodes and assets for Buildbox, SDK integrations and more.
I’ve developed and published games for iOS and Android platforms.
IndyM Software is based in Bologna, Italy.

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