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Space Runner 2600

Space Runner 2600 is a unique blend of game genras, with all the fun and quick action of classic arcade space shooter games, a little bit of racing and a drop of role playing, all wrapped up in a modern 3D game!
Explore Centauria city and its infamous Spaceway 66, the most dangerous place in the galaxy!

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Brainjection is a cyberpunk themed puzzle game set in year 2059.
In a world where brain implants have become quite requested as well as strictly regulated, many illegal clinics are available for anyone with enough money in their pocket…
In one of such clinics J.D. and Lez run a lucrative business spending all day brainjecting, which is modding and upgrading customers brains by means of an AI assisted VR environment.
Help them complete the operations and stay out of trouble in this deep, dark, intense, puzzlegame.
Brainjection is among the winners of the Buildbox Cyberpunk Game Jam held in 2020.

Bouncyland Adventures

Experience a true platformer gameplay as you help Tchupiki bounce his way onto higher grounds.
Jump on top of enemies to destroy them, avoid fireballs and other deadly obstacles, and land on still/moving platforms to survive.