Space Runner 2600

YEAR 2600

Space Running has become the most popular competition in the whole galaxy.

Runners scour planetary spaceways in search for gems, easy kills and loot but many challenges await them, the path to wealth and glory is fraught with danger.

Only few will survive, only one will become the greatest space runner of all times!

Are you in?

Explore Centauria city and its infamous Spaceway 66 with your spaceship: destroy enemies, loot cargo ships, avoid obstacles, collect gems and power ups and try to stay alive in the most dangerous place in the galaxy!
Space Runner 2600 is an action/shooter game, a unique blend of game genras, with all the fun and quick action of classic arcade space shooter games, a little bit of racing and a drop of role playing, all wrapped up in a modern 3D game!

– Fast paced shoot ’em up gameplay.
– Destroy enemies, avoid obstacles, collect gems and level up.
– 500 level advancements, each level your space ship will become faster, stronger, better!
– In game Power UPs shop.
– Beautiful 3D polygonal graphics and intense background music.

Are you in?