Buildbox 3D Beta 3049 Android Export FIX

Hi guys, to anyone having problem running games on Android with the latest Buildbox 3D beta build 3049, I’ve found where the problem lies, at least in my case.
Looking for a solution I realized that the generated app now takes much less space on the device than with previous build, about 20 Mb less so I suspected something was missing.
I looked for differences in the project folders generated from Buildbox when you export to Android and realized that in exports generated with the latest Buildbox build (3049) there is a missing library named
I checked an export created like a month ago with the previous Buildbox build and this file existed at various locations, the one that matters is at:
<PROJECT FOLDER>\android\app\src\main\jniLibs\armeabi-v7a

Here’s the fix

I copied the folder jniLibs\armeabi-v7a from the old project folder
<OLD PROJECT FOLDER>\android\app\src\main\ and pasted it into the new project folder at <NEW PROJECT FOLDER>\android\app\src\main\ then ran the app from Android Studio and it finally worked but…


… it was very unstable, I’ve tested it with the game I’m working on, Space Runner 2600, and with the default Twisted Road template and the result is the same, the game only run for a few seconds before crashing.
This all happened using Android Studio 3.3.2 and 3.4 (the latest one) with Buildbox build 3049.
But then I’ve found a different version of which works way better.
I’ve got two versions on my PC coming from previous builds:
1) 17734 Kb, should be from Buildbox build 3044, this one is very slow and crashes after a few seconds.
2) 18038 Kb, should be from Buildbox build 2429, looks faster and way more stable, no crashes at the moment but something is missing, like text labels, I guess that’s because such components were added in later versions.
It’s not the best solution and for every build you have to copy the folder into your new build but at least it works and allows me to test the game on real smartphones.
Now it would be just great to have an updated file for build 3049 from the developers while we wait for a better fix.

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Space Runner 2600 – April Update

I’ve been working on a new game since February and posted no updates since then, my bad! Here’s a recap: Space Runner 2600 is a space runner game (duh) built with Buildbox 3D, what I’m aiming for is a space themed, fast paced, action game where you collect gems while dodging other spaceships and obstacles.
A very casual game with a twist: in game choices!
This is to allow the player to explore the game world the way he likes, giving him simple quick choices to literally change the course of his journey.
Since the previous post in February, which was just a couple of weeks in the making, a lot has changed, at a glance you may see the flying saucer has been replaced by a spaceship and gems are way different.
Of course most of the changes are in game mechanics as well as in ship movements and interactions with other static/dynamic actors, objects and environment, in short a lot of tinkering and scripting, that’s what I’ve been working on the most.
I’m now starting to build levels, here are a few screenshots from the latest build showing three different scenes from Centauria City on Proxima B world.
Like, comment and share at will! Thanks! 😀

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About UV Mapping Pt.2 – A bit of a P.I.T.A.

Along the journey to get a good enough understanding of UV mapping, I’ve also installed Blender, a free and open source 3D creation suite, and followed a few tutorials to get a grasp of the basics of the software itself and especially to understand how to create UV maps.
It’s been a bit of a pain in the a** because Blender is not the simplest software to learn, there’s an almost infinite amount of people on the web eager to tell you it has a steep learning curve and indeed it has.
Youtube was of great help in the process, there are many tutorials available to learn how to use this frightening piece of software and in the end learning only what is needed to create UV maps is not that tough.