Brainjection now available on the App Store

Good news! Apple just approved #Brainjection and the game is now available for download.

Brainjection is a cyberpunk themed puzzle game set in year 2059.
Help J.D. and Lez complete the operations in this deep, dark, intense, #puzzlegame.

Brainjection is among the winners of #Buildbox #Cyberpunk Game Jam and obtained the 6th place.

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Space Runner 2600 – October 2019 update

Hi there! Just a quick update.
The game’s still alive and well. I’m still alive and well too!
Here’s a short clip from the latest build of Space Runner 2600.
This clip shows the game tutorial at start, I’m not yet satisfied with it but almost there.
Of course it’s skippable, as prescribed by the 1011th commandment:
“Thou shalt always make skippable tutorials.”
The game is coming soon on iOS and Android. Made with Buildbox 3.

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Space Runner 2600 – April Update

I’ve been working on a new game since February and posted no updates since then, my bad! Here’s a recap: Space Runner 2600 is a space runner game (duh) built with Buildbox 3D, what I’m aiming for is a space themed, fast paced, action game where you collect gems while dodging other spaceships and obstacles.
A very casual game with a twist: in game choices!
This is to allow the player to explore the game world the way he likes, giving him simple quick choices to literally change the course of his journey.
Since the previous post in February, which was just a couple of weeks in the making, a lot has changed, at a glance you may see the flying saucer has been replaced by a spaceship and gems are way different.
Of course most of the changes are in game mechanics as well as in ship movements and interactions with other static/dynamic actors, objects and environment, in short a lot of tinkering and scripting, that’s what I’ve been working on the most.
I’m now starting to build levels, here are a few screenshots from the latest build showing three different scenes from Centauria City on Proxima B world.
Like, comment and share at will! Thanks! 😀

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