Space Runner now available on the App Store

It’s been an year long journey, and what a journey!
Now Space Runner 2600 is finally available for iPhone and iPad.
Download at:

Explore Centauria city and its infamous Spaceway 66 with your spaceship: destroy enemies, loot cargo ships, avoid obstacles, collect gems and power ups and try to stay alive in the most dangerous place in the galaxy!

Space Runner 2600 is an action/shooter game, a unique blend of game genras, with all the fun and quick action of classic arcade space shooter games, a little bit of racing and a drop of role playing, all wrapped up in a modern 3D game!

– Fast paced shoot ’em up gameplay.
– Destroy enemies, avoid obstacles, collect gems and level up.
– 500 level advancements, each level your space ship will become faster, stronger, better!
– In game Power UPs shop.
– Beautiful 3D polygonal graphics and intense background music.

Are you in?

Brainjection free until April 3

Brainjection is now available for free until April 3.
Get it on the App Store:
Brainjection is a cyberpunk themed puzzle game for iPhone and iPad, an extra pastime in this time many are forced to stay at home.

#iorestoacasa #istayathome

Brainjection coming soon…

Hi all, I’ve recently participated in the Buildbox Cyberpunk Game Jam, a month long game jam held between December 2019 and January 2020.
My effort gave birth to Brainjection, a cyberpunk themed puzzle game set in year 2059.
Brainjection was among the winners, obtaining the 6th place out of more than 400 participants.

For more info check the game page here:

The game is being reviewed by Apple and should be available in the App Store soon.
An Android release will be out in next weeks as well.

About UV Mapping Pt.2 – A bit of a P.I.T.A.

Along the journey to get a good enough understanding of UV mapping, I’ve also installed Blender, a free and open source 3D creation suite, and followed a few tutorials to get a grasp of the basics of the software itself and especially to understand how to create UV maps.
It’s been a bit of a pain in the a** because Blender is not the simplest software to learn, there’s an almost infinite amount of people on the web eager to tell you it has a steep learning curve and indeed it has.
Youtube was of great help in the process, there are many tutorials available to learn how to use this frightening piece of software and in the end learning only what is needed to create UV maps is not that tough.

Welcome to IndyM Software

Hi there! I’m Ivan Perfetti, a software developer and this is my dev blog and showcase page.
I’ve recently published Tchupiki in Bouncyland on the Google Play Store, a retro styled bouncy platform game designed for mobile; as of now only available for Android.
I’m now working on other projects, I’m going to post some news soon.
Feel free to contact me for information, requests or whatever or leave a comment, thanks!