ParallaXer for Buildbox 3 now available!

ParallaXer is an asset you can add to any Buildbox game to enable parallax scrolling backgrounds. Parallax scrolling is a technique where background images move past the camera more slowly than foreground images, creating an illusion of depth. (From Wikipedia).

Here are three clips showing different applications of ParallaXer, in each one you’ll see that there are several layers of background images, all scrolling at different speeds, that’s what creates the illusion of depth, this is what ParallaXer does.


– supports horizontal, vertical, and free (both directions) scrolling.
– supports both 2D and 3D Worlds.
– extremely easy to add to a project and set up.
– supports any number of layers.
– highly customizable, offers many setup attributes.


– ParallaXer.bbasset file.
– 6 one world Demo Games (.bbdoc files).
– 1 Demo Game with 6 different worlds (.bbdoc file).


ParallaXer for Buildbox is pretty easy to set up, you just drop it in your game, one for each layer you wish to have, then you set the attributes (texture, type of scrolling, etc.) and you’re done! You can have any number of layers; each one is independent and can be configured as you wish.

Here’s an example of multiple layer setup with 9 different layers. Art by Tiny Speck.


• Buildbox 3.4.8 or higher.
• Any plan: the asset will work no matter the plan you are in (Free, Plus, Pro, etc.).
• For the 6-in-1 demo game you’ll need to have the Pro plan; all games in the 6-in-1 demo are also provided as standalone demo games that you can open with any Buildbox plan.

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