Untitled Puzzle Game Devlog #1

This is the first article about a new game I’ve recently started working on, it’s a level-based physics puzzle game, currently untitled, hope you’ll enjoy the journey! 🙂

Basic game mechanics

The main mechanic is something very simple, the character is a dynamic sphere linked to other spheres by small cylindrical sticks; some spheres are static and unmovable, floating in the air, these are the ones that keep dynamic spheres from falling to the ground; all the player can do is remove the small cylinders by touching them, they’ll just disappear and remove that connection. By doing so the player will be able to move the character sphere, the goal of each level is to have it to reach the target area, it isn’t there yet, I’m going to add that soon!

Next steps

  • Add the target area.
  • Explore possible game mechanics.
  • Implement Levels Builder to create and manage game levels.

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