Particle System for Buildbox 3, would it work in 2D worlds as well?

I’ve received this question a few days ago and realized it was a very good one, so much so I decided to write this small article to answer to it.

To anyone wondering what I’m talking about: the Particle System is a complete particle engine for Buildbox 3 that you can use to create special effects like fires, trails, explosions, sparks, fountains, smoke, rain, snow, you name it, for more info check its page on Itch here:

When I decided to develop the Particle System, my goal was to provide a robust particle system for Buildbox 3 as there wasn’t one readily available as you had in Buildbox 2 (now known as Classic).

I was particularly focused on 3D Worlds rather than 2D Worlds but in the end Buildbox 3 has got both 2D & 3D Worlds; once the Particle System was ready and published I completely ignored 2D Worlds, I never wrote a line about it on the product page, forums, Discord channels and not published a picture or a clip showing it at work in a 2D world, it was all about 3D World.

The answer to the question is yes, absolutely yes, the Particle System works perfectly fine in both 2D and 3D Worlds so today I’ve decided to update the product page on and decided to write this short article about it; and here is a clip showing the particle system at work in a 2D world, I’ve used the jump template you can find in Buildbox 3 to make it.

It might sound exaggerated but thanks to that question I’ve realized (once more, I’m not that young, unfortunately) how sometimes we focus so much on an aspect of something that we forget the whole picture.

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