Untitled Puzzle Game Devlog #3

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last update and a lot has changed since then!
I’ve added several new features, polished many others, and improved the overall aspect of the game!

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Here’s a detailed description of the latest changes and additions.

New game elements

In the last few weeks I’ve been playing around with old and new game elements and mechanics (spheres, joints, blades, fulchrums, chains, etc.), which allowed me to imagine many new contraptions, leading to unexpected, emergent game mechanics I’ll be able to exploit to create a lot of new levels; in the attached video you can see some of these elements at work together. There are now 22 completed levels and a few new ones in the work.

Improved physics simulation

I’ve improved the physics simulation by changing some of the physics attributes of both character, spheres and joints so that now it gives a more realistic feeling when detaching a sphere from its joints, especially with the character’s one. The Set Physics Pro node came in handy to manage that.

AI generated background images

I’ve started adding background images to help tell the game story; yes, there is a story, I’ll tell you more in next posts!. I’m now testing the idea of generating game backgrounds with, a free text-to-image AI art generator; it looks terrific to create dreamy images to be used as backgrounds in my game, the background you can see in the attached clip has been generated with Dream.

Other notable additions

– Added hints.
– Updated links with spider attachment.
– Added particle animation for links removal.
– Added red crosshair when the sphere is outside of the target area.
– Added particle effect when the sphere enters the ring.
– Added camera animation when entering/exiting the level.
– Added fade in/out effect when level is entered/completed.
– Added blade element which can cut dark links.
– Added AI generated game music.

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