A cyberpunk puzzle game!

“First experiments began at the dawn of 21st century. Unsursprisingly brain implants quickly became quite common among the wealthiest criminals. Severe regulation and high costs caused the emergence and then the proliferation of illegal clinics. For the right price, reckless surgeons implanted any kind of device inside their customers. To simplify the otherwise very daunting task of operating on the brain, such operations were usually carried out within an AI assisted V/R environment. This set of procedures was commonly referred to as brain injection or simply Brainjection.

Brainjection is a cyberpunk-themed puzzle game set in the year 2059. In a world where brain implants are both highly sought after and strictly regulated, illegal clinics thrive for those with enough money in their pockets.

At one such clinic, J.D. and Lez run a lucrative business, spending their days modding and upgrading customers’ brains using AI-assisted VR environments. Known colloquially as ‘Brainjection,’ these operations push the boundaries of legality and morality.

Embark on a journey to help them complete these risky operations in a deep, dark, and intense puzzle-adventure. Can they navigate the treacherous world of illegal brain modifications while avoiding trouble?

Brainjection was awarded 6th place in the Buildbox Cyberpunk Game Jam and promises an intense but short gaming experience, with more levels on the way!

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