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Escape the Hungry Horde

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Jointly developed by IndyM Software and Astro Hound Studios, Pizza Hero is a unique shoot ’em up roguelite game where players fight as a valiant pizza. It blends exciting gameplay with the unpredictability of roguelite elements. Each playthrough is fresh and thrilling, with a variety of toppings and spices granting special abilities.

Why Pizza Hero stands out

  • Combines shoot ’em up action and roguelite elements for an engaging experience.
  • Pizza theme adds humor and depth to gameplay.
  • 5 procedurally generated worlds offer a freshly baked experience every time.
  • Over 20 damage toppings, 8 passive spices, 5 recipe evolutions and a total of 16 upgradable stats.
  • 20+ Pets you can rescue.
  • 50+ Achievements.
  • Auto rotate/firing controls.

Critically Acclaimed on iOS

Pizza Hero has been warmly received by both players and critics alike, becoming the ‘Game of the Day’ in over 50 countries (

The game garnered positive reviews from prominent sites like Toucharcade, PocketGamer and AppUnwrapper.

Here’s what they had to say about our game.

Journey to Android

After our successful iOS release and subsequent updates that expanded the game’s content, we’ve just rolled out the Android version. This release comes after careful refinement, ensuring a smooth experience that Android users can now enjoy. The game is available on Google Play at

Press Kit

For more detailed insights into Pizza Hero, including trailer and screenshots, please visit our press kit at

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