[DEMO] Air Skate

Try it on your Android device with Buildbox World!

This prototype game was designed to show what can be achieved with IndyM Software’s Particle System and the 3D Sound Node for Buildbox 3.
The particle effects shown are readily available in the Particle System.

What’s the Particle System?
A complete particle engine for Buildbox 3 you can use to create special effects like: fires, trails, explosions, sparks, fountains, smoke, rain, snow and much more.
It’s very easy to use and can be set up in just a minute!
You can use one of the 24 effects included in the package or create your own!

What’s the 3D Sound Node?
The purpose of this node is to increase realism of sound effects and musics in Buildbox 3 Projects.
This node can be used to regulate the volume of a sound component dynamically based on distance.

Particles are used extensively in the demo game for:

  • rain effect
  • skate trails
  • missiles (with 3D Sound attached)
  • triple jump sparkles
  • character defeat explosion
  • train trail and explosion (with 3D Sound attached)
  • truck explosion, smoke cloud and flames (with 3D Sound attached)

Ground marks are enabled for rain effect and explosions to leave realistic marks on the ground, this is a feature of the particle system as well.

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