Extreme RPG Dice Roller

Extreme RPG Dice Roller is an easy to use and highly customizable tool to roll dice for your role playing and tabletop games.
It supports the most common dice, like the ones commonly used in D20 system, FUDGE / FATE and more:
FATE / FUDGE, D2 (coin), D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D10, D12, D14, D16, D20, D24, D30, D100 (percentage).
The app supports up to 1000 dice per roll so you can go all the way from a single die up to a 1000 D100!
Modifier can be set from -1000 to +1000.
The interface is intuitive to use and split into slots you can scroll up/down.
For each slot you can set how many dice to use, which type of die, a +/- modifier and its color, then just touch the die, it will spin and a result will appear on the bottom part of the slot.
The result shown is the sum of all the dice, you can also check more detailed information on the roll by touching the button on the top-left of each slot, this will show a detailed view of the last roll like the result of each die, quantities, under and over.
Everything is saved when you exit the app so your settings and roll results will be there when you launch the app next time!
There are twelve slots available, the first two are unlocked and ready to use.
You can unlock the other slots one by one by watching videos or unlock them all and also remove ads by purchasing the PRO version (that’s cheap!), just click on the red button on the top-right (iOS only).

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