Hide from Heather

Work and life simulator

In Hide from Heather you are Bob, a 30-something software engineer working for a local tech company. When you`re not working you like to go out, work out and occasionally visit your mother. You basically have a pretty ordinary life. But there is one single person that has the ability to suck all your energy out of you, and that is your co-worker Heather. She is the most boring and annoying individual you have ever come across, and every time she`s around, you can feel your energy being drained… She is what many would call an “energy vampire”.

Pay attention to your “To do list”, as you must complete every task on that list in order to complete each level. With just one finger (!) you will control Bob`s life, whether it`s at his house, at the office, at the gym or the night club. It`s not really that hard, unless Heather`s around, then it can be somewhat tricky…

So just follow the “To do list”, but whatever you do, remember to hide from Heather!

My Contribution

For Hide from Heather I’ve developed a complete Buildbox template based on customer’s design and requests.
The game required the implementation/development of several custom nodes, assets and components, here’s a short list of the most relevant ones:
– Levels Builder System: the Levels Builder (available upon request) allows for easy levels creation from a single game world as well as level save/load between game sessions and level selection.- Custom health bar.
– Pathfinder AI System: my proprietary pathfinding/AI system has been added to the game so that the enemy (Heather) is able to track down the character and reach it while avoiding obstacles.
– Custom smart objects linked to game tasks; these objects make use of the Attach to Target node.
– Custom task list system to create and manage game tasks.
– Custom revive logic to revive the character by watching a rewarded video in case of game over.

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