Let’s Mow!

Cut the grass to earn coins

Let’s Mow is a relaxing grass-cutting game for your mobile device. No need to go outside to get air and the smell of freshly cut grass, now it can all happen right on your screen.

Cut all the grass on each level to advance, but avoid hitting the fences too much, as well as trees, stones and other obstacles. And definetly don`t hit animals or human beings, as your lawn mower will be really damaged. Also, it`s not very kind to run over cats and dogs…

Start with a manual mower and earn money as you progress to purchase better ones. Best of luck to you!

My Contribution

For Let’s Mow I’ve developed a complete Buildbox template based on customer’s design and requests.
The game required the implementation/development of several custom nodes, assets and components, here’s a short list of the most relevant ones:
– Custom joystick + move control.
– Custom physics setup with the Set Physics Pro node.
– Custom ‘Patch’ asset to easily create grass patches with varying density and color.
– Levels Builder System: the Levels Builder (available upon request) allows for easy levels creation from a single game world as well as level save/load between game sessions and level selection.- Custom health bar.
– Character store with selection system.

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