Drift King

Drift, Drive, Survive!

Get ready for non-stop action in this high-speed drifting game! Take on waves of enemies! Unlock new cars, wheels & spoilers, as you dominate the leaderboard! Collect coins to upgrade your turrets and take on even tougher challenges. Can you uncover the secret cars hidden in the game? Download now, show off your drifting skills & become the Drift King!

– Unlock new cars!
– Customise your vehicles!
– Upgrade your turrets!
– Destroy the enemies to complete the waves!
– Find secret cars!
– Collect coins!
– Don’t forget to drift!

Follow the development journey on our TikTok page: @RocketFuelGames

My Contribution

– Unique car physics and controls setup that guarantees satisfying drifting and instant responsiveness of controls at the same time. This system is also designed to allow to easily customize the car model parts and specification and spawn the models in game.
– Customized drift particles emitter implementation (based on our Buildbox Particle System: https://indym.itch.io/buildbox-particle-system).
Customized Pathfinder AI implementation to control enemy cars in game (based on our Pathfinder AI System for Buildbox: https://indym.itch.io/pathfinder-for-buildbox-3).
Custom designed Auto-aiming 3D Turrets implementation: turrets on top of cars are able to track and shoot at other cars automatically, turrets are able to track the nearest enemy and only start shooting when in range. Turrets and bullets are completely customisable to create different designs and create a unique one for each car.

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