The Gaem

You fell off

The Gaem is an endless experience that entices the player to land and read each comment. Use each side of the screen to control the ball and aim for the high score. The world slowly moves vertically, so you’ve gotta keep moving fast or you’ll be eliminated.

My Contribution

For this game the client provided a basic vertical platform template and a very unique idea: each platform used in game would show up as a comment coming from his TikTok channel. Implementing this required the creation of several custom scripts and assets to load comments, spawn platforms able to resize themselves based on comment length and so on.

Here’s a list of the most relevant features:
– Custom scripts to load and randomize multiple large CSV datasets.
– Custom auto-resizing platform assets.
– Implemented 3rd party store system and customized it to expand/improve its features.
– Custom rewarded videos setup.

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