Bob’s Mansion

Welcome to your scary new crib

Welcome to Bob’s Mansion! A spooky adventure game.

You play Bob, a thirty-something software engineer working for a local tech company. Perhaps you already know Bob from the game “Hide from Heather”? Anyways, you recently inherited an old mansion from a distant uncle you didn`t even know you had. According to an urban legend, this is a haunted house where evil lives. But you don`t care about any of that, since the mansion did not cost you anything, AND has a pool table.

You have recieved a letter from your now deceased uncle, where he asks you to finish a jigsaw puzzle. First you will need to gain access inside the house, then you will need to explore every room of the mansion to discover pieces of the puzzle. (Also this is nessecary to advance in the game, if not you will just be stuck outside in the rain). Pick up stuff, like tools, keys and hats and keep them in your backpack. Activate them by clicking on them in situations when you think they can be useful.

Bob`s Mansion is a fun adventure game where you will need to complete tasks, do some strange stuff and solve a jigsaw puzzle. All while being not scared, since this it not scary at all.

You will also enjoy:
– Nice graphics and easy gameplay
– Fun tasks to solve in each room
– Nothing to be afraid of
– Great music and sound effects
– Inventory system – a backpack with lots of space
– No cheap jump scares (or…?)
– Hints when you get stuck – just need to watch an ad
– Fun for all ages, except for kids who will just get nightmares

We recommend that you play Bob’s Mansion using headphones and with the sound turned on (obviously) for an optimal game experience.

My Contribution

For Bob’s Mansion I’ve developed a complete Buildbox template based on customer’s design and requests.
The game required the implementation/development of several custom nodes, assets and components, here’s a short list of the most relevant ones:
– Custom joystick + move control.
– Items inventory accessible from the UI.
– Interactive items that can be picked up and used in a very intuitive way.
– Custom camera control system.

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