Untitled Puzzle Game Devlog #2

The game is really taking shape now, I’ve updated the game aspect and added a lot of new features in the last few days, you can see a few of them in the video.

If you missed the first post click here to read it.

Here’s a detailed description of the latest additions.

Target area

The goal of each level is for the character sphere to reach a goal/target area; I’ve played around with a few of them, like simple boxes, another sphere and other silly things; but then I tested the ring and decided that was the right one!
It was so obvious once I started testing levels with it, using a ring adds additional difficulty since you have to actually send the sphere through the ring but that’s also a difficulty that can be varied by placing the ring in different positions or angles, I love it!

Levels Builder

I’ve also decided to add the Levels Builder as soon as possible; the Levels Builder is a custom add-on for Buildbox which I’ve designed. Its purpose is to replace and improve the level selection system in Buildbox. The purpose is to simplify the game creation process and allow the creation of any number of levels by combining or picking the scenes (level sections) found inside the world.
To sum it up I can now have a thousand levels with just one world instead of having a single world for each game level, that’s neat!

Other notable additions

  • Target crosshair: along with the target ring I’ve implemented a simple crosshair so that the player can estimate where the sphere would end up if released.
  • Unbreakable link: along with the breakable link (white), I’ve added an unbreakable one (gray) that can’t be removed by touching it; I’m going to add mechanics to allow players to destroy it in other ways.
  • Link removal animation: now white links show a little animation when removed, still pretty rough, I think I’ll replace that with some particle effect.

Next steps

  • Add more game mechanics and levels.
  • Improve physics simulation.
  • Add a background story, I feel like I need it.
  • Add background images to help tell the game story: I’m testing the idea of generating game backgrounds with, a free text-to-image AI art generator; it looks terrific to create dreamy images to be used as backgrounds in my game.

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