Untitled Puzzle Game Devlog

Untitled Puzzle Game Devlog #3

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last update and a lot has changed since then!I’ve added several new features, polished many others, and improved the overall aspect of the game! Previous posts here:https://www.indymsw.com/category/untitled-puzzle-game-devlog/ Here’s a detailed description of the latest changes and additions. New game elements In the last few weeks I’ve been […]
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Untitled Puzzle Game Devlog #1

This is the first article about a new game I’ve recently started working on, it’s a level-based physics puzzle game, currently untitled, hope you’ll enjoy the journey! 🙂 Basic game mechanics The main mechanic is something very simple, the character is a dynamic sphere linked to other spheres by small cylindrical sticks; some spheres are […]
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