Dangle Dash

Hockey built for mobile

Deke, chip, and toe drag through a fun hockey experience like no other. By using one touch controls, this is a new fun way to play hockey on mobile. Swipe-up to chip the puck in the air, swipe-down to perform a toe drag, and tap the screen three times quickly to go on fire, which adds a temporary multiplier.

My Contribution

– Levels Builder System: the Levels Builder (available upon request) allows for easy creation of multiple levels from a single game world as well as level level selection. The Levels Builder was customized to allow for different level loading behavior, to add more options for level generation in different game modes and in newly added game worlds and also to allow different progression for each game world.
Expanded the shop system to simplify its usage, support more objects, unlockables, charms, etc. while also keeping it backward compatible.
– Consultancy and various minor implementations and bugfixes.

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