Crust Crusaders

Shoot 'em up Roguelike

Shoot ’em up roguelike.

Crust Crusaders is a unique shoot ’em up roguelike. The toppings you select effect your abilities. For example, pepperoni gives you a double blaster, while mushrooms give you a shield. Not one playthrough will be the same. Are you ready to defeat the evil veggies and save the planetary pie?

Crust Crusaders uses an auto-rotate feature that allows the player to enjoy the game by only using one touch!

My Contribution

For Crust Crusaders the client provided a shoot ’em up game template to which he desired to add some advanced features, here’s a short list of the most relevant ones:
Pathfinder System: the addition of pathfinding allowed for the creation of intelligent enemies able to track down the character and reach it. The Pathfinder was customized to allow it to work in a dynamic environment, as required by Crust Crusaders.
– Autorotate toward nearest enemy: a custom node working in conjunction with the pathfinder, able to automatically rotate the character toward the nearest enemy so that the player won’t have to worry about this; this feature allows for an unprecedented gaming experience in mobile shoot’ em up games.
– Levels Builder System: the Levels Builder (available upon request) allows for easy creation of multiple levels from a single game world as well as level level selection. The Levels Builder was customized to allow for different level loading behavior and to add more options for level generation.
– Health System: a customized health system to manage character’s health, damage, defeat and grace period (grace period is the amount of time while the character won’t suffer damage after being hit by an enemy).
– Power Up Tree Generator: a unique system able to create a randomized upgrade tree for each game so that a different power up progression is presented to the player each time a new game is started.
– Custom Rewarded Video: this customization spawns a button on certain levels allowing the player to watch a video to gain a new power up and an extra life life.

The Pathfinder at work in Crust Crusaders!

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