Let’s Mow! A case study, part 1

Let`s Mow is a relaxing grass-cutting game for your mobile device. No need to go outside to get air and the smell of freshly cut grass, now it can all happen right on your screen.

Let’s Mow has been developed on Buildbox 3 and published by Haavard Moland.

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Haavard contacted me with the idea of Let’s Mow and provided me with a very basic game template and a substantial list of features he had in mind for his game; most of these features weren’t readily available in Buildbox and required custom nodes and scripts to be developed, that’s why he contacted me.

Main game mechanics

The game is level based and the main game mechanic is simple, the player will drag a finger on the screen to control a lawn mower and cut the grass and at the same time he’ll have to avoid static obstacles like trees and moving obstacles (don’t mow the cats!). Once all the grass has been cut the level is complete and the next one will be loaded.

Requested features

  • Hidden dynamic joystick control.
  • Custom physics setup (achieved with the Physics Pro node).
  • Custom ‘Patch’ asset to easily create grass patches with varying density and color.
  • Levels Builder System: the Levels Builder (available upon request) allows for easy levels creation from a single game world as well as level save/load between game sessions and level selection.
  • Custom health bar.
  • Custom character store with selection system.

In Part 2 of this case study I’ll explain how these features were achieved.
Coming soon!

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